Helpful ED Treatments Obtainable That Are Natural

Sooner or later, at some point a lot of men will experience problems sustaining an erection. Nevertheless, there are some men who suffer persistently from ED, or erectile dysfunction. There are various methods of treatment for this condition, but some of the safest might be the natural solutions for ED.

What Are the Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

Generally there are two different categories this concern is broken down to which are psychological and physical. The psychological, or mental and emotional, reasons for ED include anxiety, depression, and relationship trouble, to name a few. Prevalent physical factors leading to the condition include things like scleroderma, kidney or liver malfunctions, pulmonary disease, and diabetes. Another major factor is age.

With so many different causes of the dysfunction, it’s a challenge to provide one medication that works correctly for all men. This fact alone should encourage men to look into natural solutions for ED, but there are several other important reasons to avoid pharmaceutical treatments.

The Side Effects of Popular ED Treatments

First, consider the most common treatments prescribed to men; medications constitute just about the most common forms of treatment. The side effects that men might experience when using the distinct drugs include nasal congestion, stomach discomfort, headaches, and changes in vision. These unwanted side effects might not be more than inconveniences, but rather more serious side effects have also been known to happen.

Another frequent treatment form is testosterone replacement. With any sort of treatment the side effects could still manifest where testosterone replacement one may experience fluid retention, acne, enlarged prostate and fertility could be decreased. One other reason to question the use of this treatment solution is the very high cost of replacement therapy.

Sometimes erection-inducing injections are given to men. Once again, side effects are cause for considerable concern. A painful penis, increased urination and breast enlargement could occur.

What Are the Natural Solutions

Many medical doctors will advise their patients to make changes in their lifestyles. These changes can include the addition of regular exercise and healthy weight loss. Men can experience some relief from ED if they are able to give up smoking or lower the amount of alcohol that they consume. If the underlying causes of the condition are psychological, counseling may be appropriate. Men may be advised to talk to their partner or to take a close look at their relationship with their partner through the help of a trained therapist. For most couples, some relief has been found with sex therapy where they can discover how to deal with and improve specific issues.

Herbal solutions, implants, acupuncture and the use of appliances are other forms of ED that can be looked into. All natural herbal treatments are convenient and can be bought at health food stores or the neighborhood pharmacy. Implants and pumps are surgical solutions that may expose the man to some of the unwanted side effects which he hoped to avoid by not taking prescription drugs. Studies are mixed regarding the use of acupuncture, but the majority of men have found it an effective form of treatment. Appliances can often allow a man to experience the pleasure of intercourse promptly without exposing him to the risks of surgical procedures or medication.

Safe Treatment for an Uncomfortable Condition

Without subjecting themselves to the risks of medications or surgery, many men have found ways to successfully treat their ED issues. Individuals have turned to natural solutions for quite a while and will continue to do so in an effort to maintain their healthy lifestyle and delight of intimate relations.

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